How Do You Get Vitality Tickets?

How many cinema tickets do you get with vitality?

Each member on your plan is entitled to one cinema ticket every fortnight – each active week runs from Monday to midnight on Sunday.

If you’re a VitalityLife or VitalityInvest member the maximum number of tickets you can claim during a plan year is capped – see Member Zone for more information..

How do I maintain my vitality status?

Every time you do healthy activities, like going for a health check, buying healthy food and getting physically active, you can earn Vitality Health points and increase your Vitality Health status. For each additional member aged 18 and older, add 3 750 (Bronze), 12 500 (Silver), 20 000 (Gold) and 25 000 (Diamond).

How do you get points in Philam vitality?

As you make healthy choices, like eating right, going to the gym or going for a health screening, you earn Philam Vitality Points. The more points you earn, the higher your Philam Vitality Status and the greater the rewards. Enjoy your rewards today!

How do I activate vitality benefits?

Log in to the app using the username and password that you used to register your profile on the Discovery website and then navigate to the Vitality page in the app. Tap on Vitality Active Rewards and follow the prompts to activate the benefit.

How many points is platinum vitality?

2,400To reach Platinum status you need to get to 2,400 Vitality points.

How do I avail Philam vitality?

You can obtain the full set of benefit guides if you email a request to> or call (02) 8528-2000 for Philam Life or (02) 8528-5501 for BPI-Philam. The benefit guides are also available on the Philam Vitality website.

How much do you pay for vitality?

The Vitality health programme encourages and rewards you for living well. Here are your contributions for 2019, as well as general updates for next year. TThe once-off activation fee will be R799 until the end of March 2019. Thereafter, you will pay one months’ retail rate equivalent to your membership contract.

How do I redeem vitality tickets?

How it worksEarn just 12 Vitality points each week for tracking your activity. … Log into the Member Zone or the Vitality Member app the following week to generate your personal cinema ticket code.Enter your code on Vue’s website when booking your tickets.Collect your tickets at the cinema – and enjoy the film.

How do you earn weekly points on vitality?

How do I earn weekly rewards? You need to get active! Once you get your Vitality Age and your weekly target, you can track your exercise with your fitness app or device and earn points. You will earn your reward when you meet your weekly Target Points for two consecutive weeks.

How many vitality points can you earn in a day?

8 VitalityVitality points are subject to daily and weekly limits. You can earn a maximum of 8 Vitality activity points per day and up to 40 Vitality activity points per week.

How do I get Gold status with vitality?

The number of Vitality points needed to reach Bronze, Silver and Gold Vitality status will be lowered in 2020. A single member will need only 7 500 points to get to Bronze, 25 000 points to get to Silver and 40 000 points to get to Gold in 2020.

Does vitality cover dental work?

Dental Cover Whichever you pick, you’re free to choose your own dentist. Major Dental Treatment covers you for: crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, extractions, apicectomy, dentures, and emergency dental work after an accident.

Who can join vitality?

Who can join the Vitality rewards programme? You can join the Vitality programme if you are a Discovery Life policy holder paying a premium of at least R350, your employer has taken out Discovery Life Group Cover, or if you are the principal member of a medical scheme that is administered by Discovery Health.

How do you get 40 vitality points?

Every adult on your plan can earn Vitality points for getting active each week. You can earn up to 8 Vitality activity points a day from one type of workout, up to a total of 40 Vitality activity points per week.

What do you get with vitality?

Vitality Health ‘core’ cover provides access to private medical treatment as well as a variety of additional benefits, listed below:Virtual GP consultations.Out-patient surgical procedures.Mental health support.In-patient treatment.Day-patient treatment.Advanced cancer cover.NHS hospital cash benefit.More items…•