How Much Does A FedEx Driver Make A Week?

What is the starting pay for FedEx drivers?

The typical FedEx Delivery Driver makes $18 per hour.

Delivery Driver hourly pay at FedEx can range from $11 – $27.

This estimate is based upon 38 FedEx Delivery Driver salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods..

Is it hard to become a FedEx driver?

Driving for Fedex requires you to fast on your feet and to be able to adapt quickly to changing conditions. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you don’t mind being challenged every day in some way or another it is a great place to spend some years.

Is being a UPS driver worth it?

Working for UPS is a really good career choice. … If you want a good career that doesn’t require a degree and are willing to work hard then being a UPS driver is great. It can be long hours (especially in December), but it pays great. It can be physically demanding, but it does generally keep you in shape.

Is it easy to get a job at FedEx?

Easy Application, Quickly hired you after observation and fill the application, All of you will get hired no matter what if you have experience or not but important that you have a transportation to work from home. Hell to work! … Because you will have to pick up 0.01 lbs- 150lbs or more.

Does UPS or FedEx pay more?

Salaries. UPS has 12,088 more total submitted salaries than FedEx.

What do UPS drivers make an hour?

The typical UPS Driver makes $25 per hour. Driver hourly pay at UPS can range from $16 – $32.

How much do FedEx Ground drivers make an hour?

Average FedEx Ground hourly pay ranges from approximately $16.09 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $40.00 per hour for Assistant Manager. The average FedEx Ground salary ranges from approximately $30,000 per year for Package Handler to $51,583 per year for Truck Driver.

Do FedEx drivers drive at night?

Yes, there is always activity overnight, that’s when the sorts happen, but most packages travel to their pick up locations early in the morning. Holds are typically available at 8 or 9 am depending on the location, and in rural areas 10 am.

Do FedEx drivers work on weekends?

The days you typically work are Monday through Friday, but when peak season arrives (November & December), you will be required to work one weekend day. … Yes the drivers are expected to work Saturday’s and Sunday’s because of FedEx making Saturday the first work day of the week …

How many stops do Amazon drivers make?

A day begins at 7:00 AM. After performing certain procedures drivers load out the van out of station. There are 120-130 packages each day which consist of 80-115 stops. some time day last till 6:00 PM.

Is working at FedEx hard?

It is very intense work and even part time during peak season (weeks leading up to Christmas) you may find yourself working 30 hours in a week. I have been with Fedex Ground for a little over 2 months and I absolutely love it. The management is some of the best I have ever worked with.

Do FedEx drivers make good money?

The average FedEx Ground salary ranges from approximately $30,000 per year for Drivers Helper to $81,522 per year for Truck Driver. Average FedEx Ground weekly pay ranges from approximately $516 per week for Courier to $1,850 per week for Owner Operator Driver.

Are FedEx drivers timed?

Drivers don’t usually have set shifts. Instead, their day ends when all packages have been delivered, so being efficient with their time is important.

How do UPS drivers know their route?

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today said it has integrated a new navigation tool called UPSNav into the handheld device its package delivery drivers carry, providing them with detailed turn-by-turn directions derived from UPS’s routing software.

How many stops does a UPS driver make per day?

120 stopsUPS -0.19% driver makes an average of 120 stops per day.

Is FedEx delivery driver a good job?

Good work, nice pay and benefits, you will learn alot being self paced and you will also earn your pay check just show up ready to work and you will win. All jobs want a good worker! I worked for a fedex ground contractor for 5 years. It was good pay but it was a painful experience.

How many days do FedEx drivers work?

This is due to the work being unpredictable because you get different levels of volume each day. Some days you can get 150-200+ stops and other days 80-120 stops. Also, if you are done early (around 1:00-3:00 PM) you are required to check in with the manager to help a coworker with deliveries or pick ups.

How many stops does a FedEx driver make a day?

Because of this, operational efficiency of deliveries is almost taken care of by itself. An average FedEx driver can deliver anywhere between 75 and 125 packages per day! This is extremely high if you were to compare it to the home delivery industry at large, where the average is closer to about 15 to 35 per day.

Do FedEx drivers pay for gas?

The drivers use trucks bearing FedEx colors and logos, wear FedEx-style uniforms and serve customers of FedEx Ground. However, they must pay for and maintain their own trucks, uniforms, supplies, gas, maintenance, and other costs. They get no company benefits.

Do FedEx get paid weekly?

The fedex I work at we get paid weekly, and as for how mutch it all depends.