Question: How Do You Publish A Psychology Research Paper?

How can I publish my UGC research paper?

Stages of publications procedure Submit by mail to In the subject of the mail write down “Submission of Manuscript/Research Paper: Name of Paper”.

also mention paper category, title of the paper, fullname of author, designation, contact number In the message body of the mail..

What are fake journals?

Predatory journals are scam publishers that charge authors fees upfront, but do not provide the service they promise. The majority of these predatory journals will take payments without ever publishing the work, while others publish articles without any form of an editorial or peer review process.

Which is better SCI or Scopus?

SCI journals consist of journals that pass a specific criteria as set by the citation index whereas Scopus is a more wider database with more relaxed criteria of inclusion. Hence, if you consider from a research quality point of view SCI journal would be a better bet.

Can anyone publish a research paper?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to be enrolled or working at a university to have a research paper published. Research papers are also published by people in the industry and sometimes those working there do not have a formal Bachelor, Master or doctoral degree.

What is Scopus index?

About Scopus Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

Why is ISSN important?

An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an eight-digit serial number used to uniquely identify a serial publication, such as a magazine. The ISSN is especially helpful in distinguishing between serials with the same title.

Is IJSR fake journal?

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) is strongly against Plagiarism. If the claim is proven, then your article will be removed from the index immediately without notice.

What is UGC approved journals?

What are UGC Approved Journals? Journals are the medium available by UGC through which you can publish your articles after qualifying the UGC NET Exam.

Can I publish my research paper in journals free of cost?

The straightforward answer is yes, you can publish articles for free. In that case, costs of publishing will be paid by subscriptions, i.e. universities, institutions, etc. who want to read that journal.

Is it hard to get a paper published?

Publishing a research paper seems hard to some because it requires some custom writing . You cannot just pick texts from various sources and paste them into a paper then present it. But once you have the research and the writing part done, then it is easy to have a paper published.

How much does it cost to publish a paper?

Estimating the final cost of publication per paper based upon revenue generated and the total number of published articles, they estimate that the average cost to publish an article is around $3500 to $4000.

Do you get paid for publishing a research paper?

No. You don’t get paid for articles you publish. The reviewers don’t get paid for their reviews. The editors (by and large) don’t get paid for the hours they spend editing journals.

Can you publish research without a PhD?

Yes, it’s possible to get a paper published without having a PhD: PhD students do it all the time. … In practice, graduate study is one of the main ways people attain the skills to write such a paper, but a Ph. D. is not a requirement.

Can I publish my own research paper?

So, yes, it is possible to publish as an independent researcher.

How do you write a research paper and get it published?

Twenty Steps to Writing a Research ArticleDetermine the authors. … Start writing before the experiments are complete. … Decide it is time to publish. … Draft a title & abstract. … *5. … Determine the basic format. … Select the journal. … Language: English has become the dominant form for international scientific communication.More items…

How do I know my journal is approved by UGC?

The Approved List of Journal is available as a web-based database with search and browse interface at:

What is the difference between green and gold open access?

Gold open access means immediate access to the published article, which typically requires an additional article processing charge (APC) to be paid to the journal publisher. Green open access requires deposit of the author’s Accepted Manuscript in a repository, upon acceptance by the journal.