Quick Answer: Where Can I Get My Watch Resized For Free?

How much does it cost to resize a watch at Walmart?

Cost: Many Walmart jewelry counters will resize bands for free on watch brands they sell.

Some customers report that a Walmart associate helped adjust their watch from a different brand, no questions asked.

Others report that their local Walmart doesn’t offer any repairs or resizing..

How do you remove a stubborn watch pin?

If you have an eyeglass screwdriver or your link pin pusher has a flat top, stand the bracelet on some foam (the firm packaging type or styrofoam) and tap the pusher with a hammer or block of wood. It should budge.

How much does it cost to get a watch sized?

If it is something “nice” like a Tag, Omega, Rolex or something high end I would take it to a dealer that sells that brand and have them size it, generally they will do it for free or charge you $10-20 depending on the place….

Will any jeweler resize a watch?

You can take your watch to any jeweler in your area that can remove links from watch to adjust to your wrist size.

Give & Receive In most local malls here, around $8 is the norm for removal- regardless of the # of links removed.

Does Walmart do watch repair?

Yes, they do. If they have a jewelry department.