What Stores Are Similar To PacSun?

What stores are similar to Urban Outfitters?

12 Other Stores to Consider If You’re a Fan of Urban Outfitters HomeBurrow.


West Elm.


The Citizenry.

Schoolhouse Electric.

MoMA Design Store.

H&M Home.More items…•.

Is PacSun a safe website?

No, PacSun does not offer website security & privacy. We researched this on Dec 28, 2018. Check PacSun’s website to see if they have updated their website security & privacy policy since then. However, PacSun does offer coupons and discount codes.

Is PacSun going out of business?

As of 2020, the company operates 400 stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. PacSun is headquartered in Anaheim, California, and operates a distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. … The company went bankrupt in April 2016 and is now owned by Golden Gate Capital.

How long does PacSun take to ship to the UK?

Most international orders will ship from the international hub in 4 business days.

Is PacSun ethically made?

Yes, PacSun does support ethical practices.

Is there a PacSun in the UK?

PacSun was opened in 1982 in the US, spurred on by a small surf shop in California. … Despite its success in the US, PacSun has never made it to the UK.

Is PacSun high quality?

The bottom line is Pac Sun is mostly a high school brand so if you are older I would definitely avoid it. They have some good items like pants but for the most part their whole store is very child like themed and the quality won’t last you more than a few months if that.

Is PacSun a good brand?

They’re not the best quality but they’re great for a fun girl who are on the go in style. Depending on the brand you choose. Some brands have very cheap texture of clothing that tend to fade away faster or start unstitching. … They carry very hip clothing and brands like Roxy, Hurley and other brands such as those.

Is Urban Outfitters overpriced?

However, there is absolutely no denying that Urban Outfitters is also the most overrated shop on the high street. Aside from the ridiculously overpriced clothes and the bizarre store layout, the controversial pieces this shop sells are often outrageous – and massively overlooked.

What are stores like Zumiez?

If you want a larger selection, try browsing these 20 stores like Zumiez (some of them are even cheaper).1) Vans.2) PacSun.3) Skate Warehouse.4) Tillys.5) Urban Planet.6) Journeys.7) Active sourcing.8) Hot Topic.More items…

How much does PacSun pay per hour?

Average PacSun hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.54 per hour for Cashier to $17.11 per hour for Store Manager. The average PacSun salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Cashier/Sales to $42,000 per year for Seasonal Associate.

Is American Eagle good quality?

Overall Rating: Not Good Enough At the end of the day, American Eagle follows a fast fashion model, promoting quantity over quality, which is inherently unsustainable. Note that Good On You ratings consider 100s of issues and it is not possible to list every relevant issue in a summary of the brand’s performance.

Is Urban Outfitters ethical 2020?

Urban Outfitters is doing very little to help the environment, its workers, or our animal friends. There is no evidence that its “policies” regarding labour and transparency in the supply chain are actually undertaken.

Does PacSun sell real brands?

Yes, PacSun does offer authentic products. … Update: we’ve found 192 more apparel stores like PacSun that currently offer authentic products and 192 apparel stores that are offering authentic products . You can also view all 265 stores that offer authentic products across all categories.

What is PacSun known for?

PacSun, formally known as Pacific Sunwear of California, operates one of the largest and most recognizable clothing brands for young, trendy, and fashion-focused individuals. The fashion retailer manages close to 800 clothing stores and more than 9,000 employees across the country, with new associates hired daily.

Are PacSun jeans good quality?

With PacSun’s great durability and comfort, it is easy to transition these pants from the day into the night. Even with durability and comfort, style is not forgotten. With their wide selection of products, often in some cool, trendy washes and shapes, you are sure to find the fit you are looking for.

What is Anthropologie style called?

“I would say there are two different styles at Anthropologie: the more boho look that’s geared toward textiles and pattern play and then the kind of chateau-meets-English town home, more traditional vibe,” says Cameron. “The beauty is you can mix and play with both, just as we do in store.”